Our goal is to provide our students with the finest education available and a good common sense approach to making the necessary decisions that come with the choice to take your personal protection and that of your family seriously,
you will not find a more qualified instructor anywhere in Texas.
Follow the steps below to schedule your class.

ATTENTION SERVICEMEN:  Recent changes in state licensing fees allow for honorably discharged veteran’s to pay only $25 and active or recently discharged are free,

plus we will give you a $25 discount off of the original $75. class fee as well.



(Not ready for a CHL class? See PRIVATE LESSONS for information on out Pre-CHL class)

STEP ONE – Registration

The cost of the class is $75 for new applicants (Sign-up with a friend and we will give you both a $25 discount), the cost for renewal applicants is $50. A $50 deposit is required, renewal applicants will be considered paid in full new applicants can pay the balance when they arrive at class (Check or cash only please). As of September 1 2013 renewal applicants are no longer required to take a class but are still required to understand all the laws involving the use of force and deadly force for that reason we strongly recommend you take the classroom portion of the course for your own protection and peace of mind.

Use the CALENDAR button to determine the date of the class you would like to attend then click on the REGISTERATION button and register using the form provided and PayPal or a credit card to make a deposit. Once your deposit is received you will get confirmation either by email, phone, or both depending on the options you choose on the registration form. Then go to texasonline.state.tx.us/txapp/txdps/chl/ to apply for your Concealed Handgun License or renew your current license with the state at the end of that process you will be given a checklist of the documents you are required to send them we will help you put those documents together in class.

STEP TWO - The classroom

As of September 1 2013, The Concealed Handgun laws in Texas require a minimum of four to six hours of education for new applicants (Including a written test) and a shooting proficiency. Class will start promptly at 9:00am and end at around 2:00pm, dress is casual, no guns or ammunition will be allowed in the classroom. Please bring a pad and pencil to take notes, refreshments will be provided.

STEP THREE - The shooting proficiency

Each new student will be required to take a shooting proficiency to complete the course. The proficiency will be conducted at 3:30pm on the same day at the Garland Public Shooting Range and should take about an hour (See PROFICIENCY for directions). The range fee will be $15.00 if you already have a range card and $30.00 if you do not (They only accept cash or checks). If you cannot make it to the range that day other arrangements can be made.
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